SW5 Billet Road Camshaft Duplex Kit

SW5 Camshaft, Swiftune Followers, Slot Drive Oil Pump, Locktab Washer and assembly grease, Duplex timing gears and timing disc.
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  • Kit includes:
    SW5 Camshaft
    Swiftune Followers
    Slot Drive Oil Pump
    Lock tab Washer
    Duplex Timing Gears
    Timing Disc
    Assembly Grease

SW5 Camshaft
Over many years, thousands of SW5 cams have been sold for a huge range of engines from: 850cc to 1460cc, twin and single carburettors, standard and 1.5 ratio rockers, SPi and MPi injection, turbo and supercharged.
The secret to its success is its efficiency! On idle the HC (un-burnt fuel) reading will be as low as 250ppm (carburettor cars) an MOT fail is over 1250ppm! This means the engine is consuming all of its fuel and not wasting it out of the exhaust thus creating power!
The SW5 is the ideal road camshaft; below 5500rpm it produces more power than the 286 profile. On average you will spend 90 per cent of your road driving below 5500rpm.
The SW5 is still no slouch! Combined with 1380cc. 1.5 ratio rockers, L3 head and a single HIF44 it produces around 100hp with 100ft/lbs of torque pulling with wide open throttle below 2100rpm! See graph above. The same engine used with Twin H2 1.25" SU's will pull from an amazing 1800RPM with wide open throttle!
All SW5 camshafts are machined from custom steel billet blanks!  At the heart of it, a brand new blank designed and produced using the highest quality steel with specific base lobe shapes to suite road profiles which eliminate excessive grinding of race X-drilled blanks and removing the vital surface hardening. The end result is a camshaft with deeper surface hardening and superb wear resistance.
The Swiftune SW5 camshaft was developed using Lotus Engineering's latest valve train computer software to enhance the cam profile. Manufactured using the latest CNC cam grinding technology to much closer tolerances which are so important for achieving the optimum dynamics of the cam profile. The same machine is grinding cams for Top level Motorsport customers worldwide.
The SW5 is Swiftune's exclusive design and is not available from any other source
Why use anything else?

Swiftune Followers
The same followers we have used in all our engine builds for many years. Suitable for both road, race and everything in between.
For the best quality and reliability, our in house designed followers feature an oil drainage hole and extra length for more stability. Finished with no chamfer around the contact face to give extra diameter.
It is strongly advised that these followers are used with all SW camshafts, they have been designed specifically to suit – providing the best performance and reliability compared to other generic followers.
Please be aware - historically, if any damage is caused to the SW camshaft, it will almost always be due to non-Swiftune followers being used.

Slot Drive Oil Pump
OE spec high flow oil pump

Duplex Timing Gears
Aluminium centred, infinitely adjustable Duplex timing

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