Swiftune Madgwick

"Like a Cooper S, only better" Octane Magazine

Introducing the Swiftune Mini Madgwick

The Madgwick was born from the idea of creating a classic Mk1 high performance Mini for the road. A Mini containing the same engineering we build into the iconic race cars seen winning at the Goodwood Revival. Iconic, original 60’s classic style with 110 BHP on tap coupled with uprated handling makes for a fun Mini driving experience!



Swiftune has been building, racing and winning with Mini’s since Glyn Swift set up shop in 1965. Still run by his family, Swiftune engines have powered just about every winning Mini at Goodwood including the legendary all-Mini races in 2009 and again in 2019.   

The Swiftune Mini Madgwick  is a professionally built Mk1 Mini that performs far beyond  a  Cooper S “Matching Numbers” restoration. This gives us the opportunity to upgrade and improve performance and the driving experience without  the concern of finding or considering alterations to a genuine Cooper S.  The end result is a beautiful and seriously fun little car that can take pride  of place in any Classic car collection!  


“Like a Mini Cooper S, only better!”
Octane magazine 2017


The impeccably assembled Madgwick, named after the famously challenging first corner at the Goodwood Motor Circuit; the “happy hunting ground” of some giant slaying moments for Nick Swift in the works Swiftune FIA Mini.

Tech Spec

Engine Hand built and dyno tested 1330cc A series
Power 100 -110 bhp @ 6500 - 7000rpm
Torque 94 - 100 lb ft @ 3500rpm
Carburation Twin H4 SU w/ FIA race trumpets 
Transmission  Four-speed close ratio helical, central oil pick up
Drivetrain Uprated diff unit with 3.1 final drive ratio. Heavy duty drive shafts
Steering Quick rack, race proven geometry set-up
Suspension Uprated rubber cones and bespoke Koni/Madgwick damper set
Wheels & Tyres 10" Rose Petals with Dunlop or Avon tyres
Brakes 7.5 S discs with competition brake pads. Rear alloy drums
Weight Approx 700kg total. Corner weights set to 50% split
Performance  Top speed 112mph (theoretically, at 6500rpm)

Build Details

All Mini Madgwick’s are bespoke built to customers’ requirements ensuring that you really do have the most unique and exclusive Mini that suits you. We prefer to use original BMC body colours but are always open to suggestions. The choices for engine characteristics range from a smooth high torque output that is more suited to “in-town” use or an increased spec suited to the open road for the more “spirited” drive. Interior and trim are based on the original Cooper Brocade and high back seats but can be bespoke too.  

The Madgwick’s standard features are classic race door mirrors, leather bonnet straps, rose petal wheels, lowered ride height, all replicating our historic race cars. As all Madgwicks are hand built to order in the same workshops where our racing cars are engineered we typically have a 12 month lead time from point of order.

Due to the scarcity of Mk1 Mini’s we recommend that our customers source their own donor car, we will then evaluate the condition and price the build accordingly. Madgwick builds range from £50,000 converting a pristine Mk.1 Mini through to £85,000 from a “bag of rust” donor. We can offer a sourcing service if you do not currently have your own donor vehicle. 

To discuss your bespoke Mini Madgwick build please contact Nick Swift directly by emailing nick@swiftune.com


“Wow, what a beautiful and special car the Madgwick is. I love it and everyone else seems to love it too – friends keep sending me links to pictures of it on Instagram. 

But it’s how it goes, how it sounds – that induction roar – every journey feels like a sneaky trip round Goodwood. Both my karting-mad teenage sons want one!”


“You may have more valuable, more powerful or faster cars in your collection, you will have none you get out of feeling more alive than a Swiftune Madgwick. They have always said a Mini Cooper handles like a go-kart, with a Swiftune Madgwick make that a racing kart. 

Different cars in my collection have different purposes. For certain things I take the Gullwing, for others the 73RS, if I want to put a smile on my face I take the Cooper Swiftune build!”


“As much fun as my Swiftune race Mini is on the track!”


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