Swiftune Mini Madgwick No.10 Handover 

July 12, 2023

The Madgwick No.10 build has now been completed and the car delievred to one very happy customer. 

The Madgwick was born from the idea of creating a classic Mk1 high performance Mini for the road. A Mini containing the same engineering we build into the iconic race cars seen winning at the Goodwood Revival. Iconic, original 60’s classic style with 110 BHP on tap coupled with uprated handling makes for a fun Mini driving experience!

The impeccably assembled Madgwick, named after the famously challenging first corner at the Goodwood Motor Circuit; the “happy hunting ground” of some giant slaying moments for Nick Swift in the works Swiftune FIA Mini.

All Mini Madgwick’s are bespoke built to customers’ requirements ensuring that you really do have the most unique and exclusive Mini that suits you. We prefer to use original BMC body colours but are always open to suggestions. The choices for engine characteristics range from a smooth high torque output that is more suited to “in-town” use or an increased spec suited to the open road for the more “spirited” drive. Interior and trim are based on the original Cooper Brocade and high back seats but can be bespoke too.  

The Madgwick’s standard features are classic race door mirrors, leather bonnet straps, rose petal wheels, lowered ride height, all replicating our historic race cars. As all Madgwicks are hand built to order in the same workshops where our racing cars are engineered we typically have a 12 month lead time from point of order.

Due to the scarcity of Mk1 Mini’s we recommend that our customers source their own donor car, we will then evaluate the condition and price the build accordingly. Madgwick builds range from £50,000 converting a pristine Mk.1 Mini through to £85,000 from a “bag of rust” donor. We can offer a sourcing service if you do not currently have your own donor vehicle. 

To discuss your bespoke Mini Madgwick build please contact Nick Swift directly by emailing nick@swiftune.com


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