Swiftune 1-2 at Zandvoort

May 10, 2023

The Historic Zandvoort Trophy took place over the weekend yielding yet more podiums for the Swiftune cars!

The job fell to Alexander Schlüchter and Bert Mets to bring home some silverware and they did just that.

The Super Sixties (previously NKHTGT) race pitted Lotus Elans, Shelby Mustangs and Jag E-types up against the mighty Mini.

In race 1, Alexander finished 2nd in class (14th overall) and Bert came home in 3rd (21st overall) but it was race 2 where they really put on a show with Alexander taking the CT7 class win (10th overall) and Bert finishing 2nd (13th overall). Mega!

photo credit: wietzeblomwbracing

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