SW10 - Road

SW10 - Road

Originally designed to replace the 286 profile to help pass the MOT emissions test in road cars but over the years has found itself in many different applications. From Fast road, Historic rallies (Tour Auto, Historic Monte) Hill-climb, Track-day and even our very own Mini Madgwick!

Fitted in a road 1330/1380 it will produce 10+ BHP over the SW5 with a slightly “lumpy” idle but nothing too excessive, power-band will pull from around 2500rpm all the way through to 7000rpm. (1.4 ratio rockers ideally suited) Example graph #1 shows peak power of 114 BHP @7000rpm (1330cc, Road rocket head, twin HS4 carbs)

Historic Rally 1293cc with twin H4 carbs, race spec head, 1.4 rockers originally fitted with SW23 was found to be too “Cammy” on the Tour Auto Rally so the SW10 was fitted and re-dyno tested with amazing results. Graph #2 shows 122BHP @7500rpm!

1380 Track day engine fitted with Weber 45DCOE, track 35-30 head, 1.5 rockers Graph #3 shows 125 BHP @ 7100rpm with 104 FT/lbs peak torque but with 94 FT/lbs @3500rpm! As you can tell we love this Cam! Wonderful to drive in our Madgwicks…. a real blast!

All SW10 camshafts are machined from custom steel billet blanks!  At the heart of it, a brand new blank designed and produced using the highest quality steel with specific base lobe shapes to suite road profiles which eliminate excessive grinding of race X-drilled blanks and removing the vital surface hardening. The end result is a camshaft with deeper surface hardening and superb wear resistance. 

The Swiftune SW10 camshaft was developed using Lotus Engineering's latest valve train computer software to enhance the cam profile. Manufactured using the latest CNC cam grinding technology to much closer tolerances which are so important for achieving the optimum dynamics of the cam profile. The same machine is grinding cams for Top level Motorsport customers worldwide.

The SW10 is Swiftune's exclusive design and is not available from any other source.

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