Swiftune Competition Rocker Shaft

Swiftune Mini A-Series Racing HD Rocker Shaft
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The 'no-compromise' Rocker Shaft! Thick wall rocker shafts have been the standard engine tuner’s choice for years but the quality of the steel and the all-important heat treatment has been getting worse. These rocker shafts do break, usually they snap at the NO 1 post and the mayhem caused by the loose pushrod and rocker is expensive. So Swiftune has developed a brand new competition rocker shaft with an improved grade of steel and more precise heat treatment to ensure the core of the shaft is strong and only the outer surface is hardened to prevent wear. Every new competition engine, every re-built engine that leaves Swiftune now has a Competition Rocker Shaft fitted – it is not optional, it is a must fit. Think about it!
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